Wholesale Dog Coats & Jackets

Winter can be dreadful for some dogs that don’t have their thick coats. Then they need a dog coat or dog jacket. We are a wholesale dog coats & jackets store. Welcome!

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Showing all 59 results

Wholesale Dog Coats & Jackets

Dogs have been man’s best friend since the mid-1800s. For all dog lovers, they are part of the family. We at Doggiology are dog lovers too. We want to treat them in the best possible way, so we serve dogs with dog coats and jackets designed just for dogs.

All of the dog coats and jackets wholesale you see here are handmade. We have long-term cooperative fabric suppliers, and the fabrics of the clothes have the highest level of protection. The fabric of each coat or jacket will be clearly described on its product details page.

According to our research, there are many styles of dog jackets. In this category, you can find unique dog jackets on the web. At the same time, we also consider the breed and size of the dog when designing the style. In terms of size, we have designed a size range from XXS-7XL. Suitable dog breeds range from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Caucasian.

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What does wholesale mean?

Wholesale is a business that involves buying large quantities of goods directly from a manufacturer or distributor – reselling them to other businesses. Because we are a professional wholesaler of dog coats and jackets, the “dog clothes” used below are first replaced with “dog coats & jackets”.

When it comes to discounted dog coats and jackets, some people might be more inclined to buy dog coats and jackets in bulk. Such people are our target customers:

  • Pet Owner.
  • Pet Shelter Owner.
  • Pet Service Provider.
  • Pet Supply Shop Owner.
  • Private Pet Hospital.

Why choose Doggiology to wholesale dog coats and jackets?

Doggiology offers a wide range of dog clothes for your consideration. These options include dog t-shirts, dog raincoats, dog hoodies, dog sweaters, dog pajamas, dog dresses, and more. You can explore the different categories and always find the dog clothes you need.

Why buy dog jackets in bulk?

  • Dog jackets must be a big expense if you have a multi-dog household. Therefore, it is better to choose Doggiology than to choose a dog clothes retail store. Our minimum order is $50, which is easy to achieve.
  • If you are a dog coat or jacket retail store that just started, we will also wholesale to you at the lowest price. Absolutely the lowest wholesale price on the whole network.
  • If you are a large pet supply store, we can provide long-term and stable supply under the premise of ensuring quality. After becoming a long-term partner, we set the internal price for you. Our goal is to get rich together!

Wholesale dog coat & jacket to consider

Doggiology is dedicated to simplifying the wholesale process for customers and retailers. So, you don’t need a special account to buy from our wholesale dog coats and jackets catalog. The ordering process is the same as that of ordinary online stores.

Can Doggiology dog coats & jackets be resold?

If you run a shop, you can definitely resell our dog coats and jackets. Our dog clothes have been found in many brick-and-mortar pet supply stores. Our wholesale prices, consistently large inventory, and reliable customer service make us an excellent choice for retail pet supplies, pet owners, and pet breeders.

Your #1 choice for wholesale dog jackets and coats.

Shop Doggiology today and let your clients send their dogs straight down the canine runway of high fashion!