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Hi! we are doggiology!

We have been in the pet supplies business for close to 5 years and are dog moms ourselves. Before we got into the dog supply business ourselves, we were looking for unique and ethically sourced products.

As far as the dog clothes industry is concerned, low-quality and high-priced dog clothes are everywhere. These dog clothes are low quality and mass produced by big box retailers resulting in a lack of attention to detail and uniqueness. So we created a separate brand called Doggiology.

What do we do?

We mainly sell dog clothes wholesale, and it is the best choice for multi-dog families or sellers who are engaged in retail dog clothes. We only sell dog clothes with high quality, high-quality fabrics, and meticulous workmanship, which is also the best guarantee for dogs.

Men's best friend!

We value every dog parent. We want to build a #Doggiology dog family. We hope to hear the stories of you and your dogs! Hope everyone can tell your story and #doggiology on social media, we can’t wait to see all the lovely photos of your pooch.

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